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A Practical Guide to Transcranial Doppler Examinations

Mira L. Katz, PhD MPH RVT, and Andrei V. Alexandrov, MD RVT

This manual will be a benefit to both technologists/sonographers and physicians. A Practical Guide to Transcranial Doppler Examinations provides detailed and easy to understand instructions on how to perform transcranial Doppler and transcranial color Doppler imaging examinations, and how to interpret results.

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Inside Ultrasound Vascular Reference Guide


Gail P. Size, BS, RVT, RVS, RPhS, FSVU

Laurie Lozanski, BS, RVT


This newly revised and updated first edition of Inside Ultrasound’s Vascular Reference Guide is a complete guide to vascular disease, noninvasive testing and interpretation -  a must have for all students, educators, technologists, sonographers and physicians.

This publication has been awarded 20 CME credits but a separate exam fee is required.

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Inside Ultrasound: Vascular Workbook; Companion to the Vascular Reference Guide

The Inside Ultrasound’s Vascular Workbook, companion to Inside Ultrasound’s Vascular Reference Guide, is a must have for all cardiovascular students, educators, technologists, sonographers, physicians and anyone wanting to further their understanding of vascular disease and non-invasive vascular testing.

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Introduction to Vascular Scanning: A Guide for the Complete Beginner, 4th Edition

The new 4th edition of Don Ridgway's unabashedly practical and famously unique how-to guide to vascular scanning will astound and delight both beginners and veterans who are cross-training in vascular ultrasound or earning CME credit.

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NEW: Strandness's Duplex Scanning in Vascular Disorders 5th Edition

This is classic text on the use of duplex scanning in the study and diagnosis of vascular disorders. This evidence-based, real-world text is now expanded to cover all vascular duplex ultrasound topics, including principles and instrumentation;cerebrovascular; aortoillac and peripheral arterial; peripheral venous; visceral vascular; and preoperative planning, intraoperative assessment and procedural guidance.

Authors : R. Eugene Zierler , David L. Dawson

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NEW: Techniques in Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis: An Encyclopedia of Vascular Testing - 4th Edition

15 CME credits available (extra fee required) (approved until 4/1/2017).

Just released, 4th edition.

This book is the "Encyclopedia of Vascular Ultrasound Testing". In a clear and concise manner, this text explains Principles and Theory of vascular testing, and offers step by step instructions for performing vascular diagnostic vascular exams.

Author: Robert J. Daigle, BA, RVT, RVS, FSVU, FSDMS

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Pocket Guide to Physiologic Arterial Testing for Peripheral Artery Disease

Six CME credits are available from the self-study program (separate fee, approved until 2/15/2016)


This pocket guide explains, in clear, concise and comprehensive fashion, the non-invasive methods used to detect and quantify arterial occlusive disease in the upper and lower extremities. Protocols follow the new recommendations of the American Heart Association.



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